Welcome to the Kolektiv!

IT optimization is our mission, and overcoming challenges is our passion!


We are borg three IT specialists with extensive experience (15+). Each of us has specialized in our niche and the synergy of our skills makes us a team that will work in any industry and help any organization.


We believe that the properly chosen and used technology can unleash the potential of the companies and individuals.

  • We will help you reduce the costs,
  • We will help you improve the performance,
  • We will help you avoid mistakes,
  • We will help you unlock the possibilities.


We are the experts using the latest technologies. Focused on stability and goals you want to achieve. We offer a technology stack optimized for long–term development and easy recruitment.

  • If you want to start a new product, but you do not have technical background — we will help you design the system and build a team.
  • If you have a problem with the current one — we will find bottlenecks in it and propose optimizations.
  • If you want to automate an expensive process — we will help.
  • If you want to do something completely new - let’s talk.


Software, hardware, consulting.

  • Our services as a team are directed primarily to startups and small and medium–sized companies.
  • We offer subcontracting, support and consulting in wide–ranging IT topics.
  • We are not interested in body leasing — we offer stable cooperation as an external entity.

> Software

  • design and implementation of backend and frontend applications;
  • specialized expert systems;
  • data visualization;
  • data processing — ML;
  • medical image processing — DICOM;
  • medical data processing;
  • medical image archive — PACS;
  • real-time communication — WebRTC;
  • integration with external platforms (payments, deliveries, mailing);
  • mobile applications (cross-platform);
  • multimedia applications (3D visualizations, games);
  • low–level programming (C, drivers, linux kernel modification, FUSE);
  • mass data acquisition systems;
  • devops — selection, setting and supervision of the environment;
  • automation of processes and data flow;
  • language models, chatbots — LLM/GPT.

> Hardware

  • embedded systems programming — bare metal C/C++, RTOS;
  • feasibility studies (market analysis, quick PoC preparation);
  • devices and systems debugging and testing;
  • schematic and PCB layout design;
  • wireless radio communication (mesh, mobile networks, Wi-Fi);
  • low-power personal area networks (6LoWPAN, BLE);
  • radio-frequency identification (RFID, NFC);
  • real-time indoor/outdoor location systems (GPS, UWB);
  • infrared communication (consumer IR);
  • preparation of projects for mass production;
  • devices for data acquisition from sensors;
  • automation of physical processes.

> Consulting

  • analysis and optimization of IT systems performance;
  • analysis and optimization of cloud costs;
  • analysis and optimization of software development processes;
  • IT recruitment support;
  • support in software development in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard;
  • support in coordinating subcontracting by many entities (including foreign ones).

Please contact us: first-contact@kolektiv.dev